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    Is this something that’s going to be done separately from the person he or she is dating? The Census reported that 28,749 people (99.2% of the population) lived in households, 34 (0.1%) lived in non-institutionalized group quarters, and 193 (0.7%) were institutionalized.

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    In the Coast Guard ACTUAL SALES RECORDS IN POST EXCHANGES, SALES COMMISSARIES, SHIP'S SERVICE STORES, SHIP'S STORES, AND CANTEENS SHOW... The smoke of slower-burning Camels contains 28% Less Nicotine than the average of the 4 other largest-selling cigarettes tested — less than any of them — according to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself! CAMEL THE CIGARETTE OF COSTLIER TOBACCOS Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard ...yes, it's Camels with the men in the service. By BURNING 25% SLOWER than the average of the 4 other largest-selling brands tested — slower than any of them — Camels also give you a smoking plus equal, on the average, to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! I believe in the strength of peoples to extinguish the fires of intol- erance, bigotry and prejudice. " 19 ELEVEN MEN AND A BALL 20 ADVERTISEMENTS 21-24 THE TOWER LIGHT is published monthly — October through June — by Students of State Teach- ers College at Towson, Md. C, I find my mind wandering at the oddest times and in the queerest places.

    Enjoy smoking pleasure at its best —extra mildness with less nicotine in the smoke (,see left). For the first time, many of you must assume full responsibility for planning your hours of study, social affairs, and pleas- ure. (If so, I'd like to hear your views on these sub- jects.) Just a moment ago I fell to considering the merits of taking notes in class.

    Period glided imperceptibly into period and civiliza- tion gradually presented evidences of growing from OCTOBER • 1941 what we call barl^arism. That is the only wa\- we will e\er get a magazine that really represents the school . And this time, as almost always, we come with the argument that this is, practically speaking, a new ball club. Which sends my mind wandering on the subject of editors in general and college publications in particular. Lieutenant Kiefer came to talk to the men of the college and brought with him two of the best pieces of male propaganda that the college has seen for many a day. APRIL • 1942 THE ONLY FACULTY MEMBER NOW BOASTING a sun-tan is Dr. She gave three speeches at the Florida Teachers Convention, ate Spanish bean soup, and went sun bathing. All who know her will doubtless be interested in the following extracts — • "These strenuous days leave little time for the pleasant things we should like to do, although as I look over my activities I can't see that much is being accomplished.

    Man, as the inventor, was pa- tiently at work multiplying man's resources; at times in the interest of peace but to a great extent for the ad- vancement of war — even as in our own times. There are only four hold-overs from very regular play last year, they being Q^ D. The most worthwhile, perhaps, is the 'refresher' course in nutrition, a series of ten lessons offered at the Uni- versity here, for out-of-date home economics teachers who wish to go into defense teaching.

    Noith Carolina • • * • • • • • • • abe (lrct)0 of an Hmerican / believe in God. 1 believe in the God-given rights of man and in their correspond- ing duties and responsibilities.

    It is your prerogative either to become lost in a pan- demonium of interests or to select and integrate these in- terests for the specific and most important purpose of learning, that you may better serve and, perhaps, lead mankind. Besides the obvious value of con- serving paper, what can be gained by NOT transferring class discussions to a notebook?

    Let us school ourselves to face issues without pre- conceived prejudices, but let us be wise enough to discern between the irrelevant and the relevant. He has recently completed requirements for his doctor's degree at Columbia University. There is more to honor than is usually implied in student discussions of it and unless we get down to basic fundamentals we'll argue forever the pros and cons.

    We, as teacher, must do these things if the world of the next generation is to have any semblance of sanity. He has also been Superintend- ent of Art in Desplaines, Illinois; Superintendent of Ele- mentary Schools in Plains, Ohio; teacher in Lloyd High School, Wisconsin, Lincoln Junior High School, Wis- consin, Ohio University in Athens, and Chicago Com- mons Settlement Home for Children. His hobbies both past and present include the col- lecting of recordings of symphonic orchestras (albums of them), autographs of famous persons (including three Presidents), stamps and, at one time, milk-bottle tops. This may be heresy but I insist that no student is purposely dishonorable, any more than any human is intrinsically evil, and unless we seriously attempt to find the innate qualities of mind that lead future teachers to "snitch" books we'll never be able to solve the problem satisfactorily.

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    As a result, there is an almost universal tendency among those of above average mental capacity to sink into mild cancerous ataraxia. These people who are so furiously writing — what permanent value are they gaining — or what present or future value do they expect to gain from their orthographic labors? "I need notes to study." "I need a record of the class conclusions for a test." "The 'pearls of wisdom' that fall from the instructor's lips are worth keeping." Quite interesting commentaries on the trend of student thought.He has extended his own limited vision into limitless space with his powerful telescopes. Added to this is the tradition of the report card as the final word to parent and child concerning the latter's achievement.The invention of the steam engine and the internal combustion engine has given him seven-league boots surpassing those of the fairy story. How often in our classes do we argue a point not for the sake of the truth but for the sake of a higher grade!Some students who, on the other hand, are in college only through the clemency of probation, assume a frus- trated attitude from the start. In studying for a test I have found it of infinitely more value to go to the original sources to review.They are somewhat uncon- sciously afraid to attempt a higher degree of scholarship than they displayed in high school. As for the previously men- tioned "pearls of wisdom," I prefer to string mine on a thread of memory in my brain rather than keep them in a notebook safe deposit vault.

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      What's more, the team he was driving for have been stripped of all their championship points for the year and fined close to 0 million because they were fucking cheating! I just do not see what gives this guttersnipe the right to burden us with his twelve month story.

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      And when you have more time to spare, you can always seek out additional profiles using our 'Have you met...' search function.

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      "The purpose of a tagline is to create an icebreaker for users to reach out to you," Donaldson says. This works, because, again, you're keeping them guessing." Summarizing Yourself Boooooring. When describing yourself, be specific and avoid cliches, too.

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