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    - said she and her brother Todd called their father "Puff Daddy" because he smoked five joints a day. With the Oculus VR glasses you are no longer playing a game by looking at a computer screen, you are completely inside the game!

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    The media love any story that involves sex, fame and infamy. He reportedly attempted to resolve this matter in 1997, but negotiations fell apart.And as Karl's piece today made clear, this is now an international story. _______________________ Houston, Tex.: Other than in his plea-bargain papers, has Mr._______________________ Silver Spring, Md.: Even though I personally think Polanski should serve at least a token sentence (or make one huge payment to an organization taking care of underage victims of sexual predators), I could see some reasons he might not be sent to the U.S., including some reported flaws in the investigation, trial, etc. washingtonpost.com: The Outrageous Arrest of Roman Polanski (Post, Sept.A survey of 600 women in the capital in 2015 which was referenced in a report handed to the government found that “every female user of mass transit has been a victim" of gender harassment or sexual assault. President Emmanuel Macron, a self-described feminist who was elected in May, pledged to tackle street harassment in his election campaign. They do seem to be so powerful, however, that they overwhelm the narrative of Polanski's flight: He pled guilty; prosecutors offered a deal; he took it; but on the eve of its execution in the courtroom the judge in the case signaled he would not abide by it, to the distress of prosecution and defense alike. The judge in the case, since deceased, signaled however that he would not abide by the agreement, which prompted Polanski to flee.

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    What is the deal, why would the Europeans have protected this monster for so long? As our story pointed out today, the facts are not really in dispute.

    That is street harassment,” Schiappa said, according to She said there was a gap in the law between “consensual seduction” and “sexual assault,” and that flirting would remain legal.“Talking to someone and asking for (a number) will not be considered harassment,” she said.

    FILE - Polish-born film director Roman Polanski during the burial ceremony for French film maker Claude Berri in Montrouge, outside Paris, in this Jan. Organizers of the Zurich Film Festival say director Roman Polanski has been taken into custody on a 31-year-old U. The French and Polish governments stepped into the case Monday, urging Switzerland to release the 76-year-old Polanski, who was arrested at the Zurich airport Saturday night by Swiss authorities acting at the request of the Los Angeles district attorney's office. Washington Post staff writers Karl Vick and Richard Leiby were online Monday, Sept. ET to discuss the case and the latest news developments. I oversee movie coverage as an editor in the Post's Style and Arts sections, and Karl Vick is the paper's Los Angeles bureau chief and author of today's story. Richard Leiby: Drama's a good word for it; this is, after all, a Hollywood case.

    _______________________ Sacramento, Calif.: Do you know if Polanski was surprised by this? It's quite an impressive piece of journalism, and devastating to the reputation of the judge. But to me that's what is most intriguing about this arrest. Polanski has previously felt so free moving in and out of Switzerland that he even owns a vacation home there, on the slopes.

    Richard Leiby: The organizers of the festival that was honoring Polanski in Zurich certainly were surprised. _______________________ Colorado Springs, Colo.: I understand that the prosecutors reached a plea bargain with Polanski, then reneged on it due to political pressure. Worth noting that in February of this year another LA Superior Court Judge, Peter Espinoza, agreed with the thrust of the film. _______________________ Fairfax, Va.: Several years ago, French actor Gerard Depardieu made the mistake of boasting to an interviewer that he had raped women in the past, which pretty much killed his American fan base. Y.: I watched the HBO documentary and felt quite clearly that the Judge had violated rules of ethics, and misused his power to put Mr. moved quickly and repudiated this wrongful set of actions (as well as ex parte communication with the prosecutor), and set aside the verdict? The documentary, "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired," which I recommend for those who haven't seen it, developed some new information about the allegedly improper actions by Judge Laurence J. Polanski's attorneys sought to have the case dismissed in December.

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