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    You can't fight what has happened to you and us other woman if you take your life. I don't have the answers, but, I pray every day for God to keep other woman out of this persons hands so they do not suffer the way that I do. (You can't block that aspect.) I teased him and said he quit working on me way too soon. He will never show up, he will want money and Itune cards. I met mine on a dating site but they troll Facebook and Instagram. I will check back later at night before i go to my hostel today mom. I wish you can send me some of your beautiful pictures mommy so that i can show my friends how beautiful you are. Love You Ryan." My mother started an online chat with someone VERY SIMILAR to this thread. It is hard to explain what you go through when you are in the scam. He sounds just like my scammer, wife died in car crash and 15 yr old daughter who lives in the UK with his mother and can't wait to be you, same line of BS he told me.

    I've lost my pride, hope, future, and lord I sure don't know what it is to smile. But, God is still keeping me alive for a reason and he wants to survive and make a difference too. Then about 2 weeks later he's texting me on my phone messenger. lol Next, he posed as Mark Romano on Hangouts and said he wanted to talk. I hope you all survive your horrible ordeal by moving on. Said he was a petroleum engineer, talked on hangout, strong accent. I really appreciate your love and support to me mommy,i am sure dad loves you and want us to live as family that he has said to me several times. He patiently waited to get all of me, it took 13 long months to manipulate me, daily contact with him, voice, text, emails, his kids and instantly crying that he needs help having no one to help. I had a little left to survive and then he came back for more saying that he left me with some money. It is hard to deal with this humiliation and loss for loving an internet man and stolen pictures. Rotten world these days and women that are weak pay the price.

    It shows on a write up about Facebook that the developer knows there is over 270 million fake IDs that they cover up and wont do anything about. I just answered his message by telling him that I didn’t know him and he sutomaticallly became my friend and it started from there. Especially you, and you know who you are, that have reached out by words, and email. I am trying to do the best i can, even when i can’t face another conversation. They are putting FACEBOOK responsible for sweeping this under the rug knowing about all these scammers and not doing anything to stop it. I lost everything and I had close to 0 USD living in Canada. I sincerely hope i hear from one or more of you today (Friday). Thank you for reading and i look forward to any replies. Picture stolen from Dennis Bress CEO of IEEI broadcast. I asked him which one (my mother lives there) he never answered the question. After he'd cussed me and uninstalled Hangouts, he was back again after 3 weeks. I poured my heart out to this greedy monster in an effort for him to truly know me. Yes, they are talking to more than just one of us and you may not always be communicating with the same Creature, as the pass us along. Instead we have to try and rise above it - that’s what I’m trying to do day by day. Please respond to me with Texas Phone Number Update so I can know if it is the same one. Its very hard to go to a food bank to try and get food because I'm disabled and can't work anymore plus I'm not no young person anymore. I thought Facebook was a family and friend connection place. I wasn't looking for him he was looking for a lonely, worried woman and mother and he found me just like they found you. When I see someone make it without them losing their life to them it helps me.I showed him a copy of his ip trace.said I would die - be killed. He never asked for money, I thought I was always a step ahead of him. Micheal Stewart- Oil driller -owned his own rig - NY BUT moving to Orlando. Patrick (have to look up last name - Financial conduct Authority in UK. I did NOT give him any money nor give him personal information which he did ask for when he wanted me to be his beneficiary while he was on the RIG in the Gulf of Mexico working on the multi million dollar contract! When I created my petition, I forwarded to both my siblings and asked them to share it. The other told me that she did not feel sorry for any of us because, we got in this mess for going on dating sites. the one that made the comment, that hurt like hell. This weekend was the 4th anniversary of my Husbands passing. You could do the same and give names of the so called mules to western union and Wal mart. In the past I have suggested anger, trust me it works but, I will also suggest a counselor, mine helped me a lot, of course the key is you have to be ready to let go. You are alive to give a Testimony and to help others in the same pain. I dont know you but im going to pray for you and your family.I have signed the Petition and I also asked that we push for a black out on social media from the known country that are doing this. Was off the coast of UAE and could not get payment because of taxes from England. He has a German accent and is "based" in Houston with a Houston phone number. The other choose to not do anything but, also didn't comment. Get the mules flagged and then call the banks where you wired money and turn it into the fraud dept. You must face reality and cope with what has happened, and remember IT has moved on to the next Victims. Please I beg you to go out and enjoy life, there are so many things you can do for free, go for a walk, reconnect with old friends, write letters, gardening, keep a journal, do not let this beat you. God Bless and take care, remember you have a great support system right here, we are here for you. Dont blame and beat up on yourself for looking for love. Jesus says dont Deceit for you will be deceived yourself. There are groups online that you can join with people that have been though the samething as you. More and more that i come to this site the more and more we all need to come together and push for lawmakers to do something about this. He deleted his Facebook profile about two days after we became friends. First he told me that his name is Miller then he was Rodger. My heart breaks for all the women who have lost their life savings, dignity and hope. Please don't take responsibility for someone else's dark, despicable soul. He's very persistent that we are going to be a couple. Well I think I have seen the last of my scammer today as he has blocked me now. He was a superior on the rig, sent a video of him on rig;3. He lived in NYC, but didn't know about NY zoo in Central Park. We just have inundate them with as much information for them to start looking into scammers. There are too many of us getting hurt by these jerks and loosing everything. If you want to be included please email me your name and contact info. I think that my original scammer took her information when he and I were "friends" on Facebook. His father, an engineer on a shell Houston oil rig has recently divorced because his wife left him for another woman. Just for safety measures I am going to change all my passwords on every account that I have because I have no idea what he knows about me right now. I never ever ever really thought I would be communicating this long for someone who I know is a total fake. He said that he is from Spokane and a well off person looking for love. He Claimed my money was sent back but have no reference numbers. Said his wife passed 5 years ago in a car accident and had 16 year old twin boy and girl at home with a Nanny. Good friend of mine recently divorced and is worried hes a catfish, after I told her he seemed too good to be true. He worked on rig months at the time, missing Thankgiving;6. I am willing to give my information to someone to present it to where they live in an FBI Agency.

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